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Niche Marketing for Authors with Susan Friedmann on H & H 3

It was tough enough to come up with the words for my book, let alone write it, have someone else stare at it and edit it and then send it along to someone to set it up for print.

I hadn't even figured out how best to market my book, Hustle! Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions let alone come up with a plan to stand out in the market place among other authors. Quite frankly I still haven't figured it out. So that's why I invited Susan Friedmann onto my show, Hustle & Heart Radio, so we all could have a conversation about Niche Targeting for Authors.

Susan is a fellow author (14 times over!) and a marketing expert so it only made sense to have her on the show so I could pick her brain, find out how she mastered the art of standing out in a crowded marketplace. If anyone can tell you how to promote and sell your product, it's Susan! As an accomplished author, she knows just how important it is to target your niche if you want to be a success and standout in your field. And the NichePreneur (awesome nickname!) is all about sharing what she knows with other women entrepreneurs so they too can reach their full potential! So let's do this! Join me and Susan Friedmann for Niche targeting for authors.

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Dare to be Prosperous.

Yeah, I know sometimes #prosperity can seem like a place you'll never get to. Sometimes it can feel like we have to fight our way through a battlefield and it can be so easy to get sidetracked and forget about our goals. Then self-doubt starts to creep up on us and those ugly thoughts come to mind, "can I really do this?" .."who am I to aim so high?". "Maybe i should settle for what I've got?"

We've all had those thoughts. So has every successful person who NOW truly knows prosperity. Same doubts, same struggles. So what's separating you from them? What's keeping you from the life you deserve?

Let's uncover it together, along with my guest Rebecca Matias, Intuitive Success Coach.

Rebecca is fearless and she's all about empowering other fierce women by giving them the tools they need to not only build a better business but also to get to the root of what's really holding them back. Oh and did I mention that she does this all, has created the School of Feminine Fortune and is a mom to two awesome boys?

And even more amazing she's going to share with you her 30 Days to Prosperity and Authentic Money Formula.

You are invited to join in on these LIVE weekly conversations.

Register at to grab the phone number, then join me LIVE every Monday at Noon for free advice, tips, strategies and (woo, woo) on ways to start, grow and expand your business. You’ll hear from expert guest and you’ll be able to ask questions, get hot seat coaching and share your tips, tools and strategies for success.

Can’t make it live at Noon on Monday’s?

No worries, I’ve got you covered, be sure to register at and I’ll email you the replays. Get the call details today and then mark your calendar and I’ll talk to you on Monday.



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