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April 2015
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Ryan Lammie says he is an artist first, and founder and executive director of Radiant Hall second.  For him, it all begins and ends with the art, and the artists that Radiant Hall provides studio space for. 

After living in Brooklyn and attending the Pratt Institute, Ryan saw how difficult it was for artists to obtain and retain space where they could focus on their work.  He found it to be challenging because the "artist districts" began with artists, making it popular, but then ultimately making it unaffordable to remain in the space.

 Ryan ultimately took some time to get a clear vision while moving back to his hometown of Pittsburgh.  He then began to share some studio space with a fellow artist and soon realized this space was large enough for him to invite other artists as well.  From there Radiant Hall had begun to formulate.  Ryan has now produced organized, affordable studio space for local artists to work, create or meditate in their respected spaces.  Many also take advantage of having such an eclectic gathering of talented artist in one area to be sounding boards, critics or collaborators. Radiant Hall has become so in demand there is a waiting list for studio space, and Ryan has begun the process of opening additional studio's in other area's in the Pittsburgh region.

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Our relationship with food can be described as good and bad, healthy and harmful, vital and victimizing. We know we can’t live without it and food is the center piece to our survival.

 The business of our relationship with food is huge and “Real Food Coach”   Kathy Parry will help you understand what real, whole foods are and how they affect health and vitality.  Kathy shares amazing food facts in funny, non-judgmental, yet information-packed sessions. She also shares great information and tips on marketing and becoming a speaker.

 You’ll find her strategies impactful no matter what your business or career is. With degrees in Business and Food Management.  Kathy discovered her love for standing up in front of people as she developed and delivered training programs for a super-regional bank in the South.  Every weekend Kathy was busy following food trends and cooking for friends.  After leaving the world of banking, Kathy jumped at the chance to get back to her real passion and she began to sell imported and specialty foods.  This immersion into food fueled her desire to encourage others to eat real food.  Soon, those others she was encouraging came in the form of four children.

Speaker, author and food coach, Kathy Parry, up next on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.

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Counter-espionage, intelligence gathering, spy technology, infidelity and intrigue. It all sounds so exciting right? It is, and the business of being a spy is equally fascinating.


Bob Kresson a leading authority and licensed private investigator has so many interesting stories to share. Plus his commitment to helping other people succeed in business, while promoting networking and social exchanges is refreshing to hear. He makes time for others and it shows how much he cares.


He’s careful to be private, after all he’s hired out to collect all kinds of sensitive information, but he does open up on what it takes to be a spy and run a successful private investigation firm. No matter what business you’re in, Bob Kresson is one guest you’ll want to enjoy on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


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These days he’d like to be called The Artist, that’s it, The Artist.  A name that totally epitomizes his work, his passion and his purpose.  His real name is Baron Batch and you might know him as a former Pittsburgh Steelers running back. 

Football is days behind him. What fills his hands and heart are paintbrushes, pencil, his unique genre of art, Pop X and his high end dipping salsa, Angry Man. 

I sat down with him in his creative space, art studio and advertising agency, Studio A.M., which also sometimes serves brunch to hundreds of people.

This man really knows how to hustle, we steer clear of football and instead focus on the art of business and the business of art and a whole lot of stuff in between.

Baron Batch, on this next episode of Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.

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Have you ever felt overworked, underpaid, or feel like you can't keep it all together?  Stephanie Nickolich did but decided to do something about it.  She created a community where entrepreneurs and business owners could go and get tips, tools and support for their business, especially during the times when they felt burnt out and depleted. Stephanie's Success Society offers affordable education and mentoring.  She helps her clients by putting systems into place, creating a solid plan of action, disarming the bottleneck effect and realigning priorities.  In this episode of Hustle & Heart TV she discusses one of the aliments that many entrepreneurs suffer from, "Perfection Paralysis".  She also explains her belief in collaboration and community vs. competition.  We all go through rough patches in our lives, Stephanie shares some of hers with us and tells us how she has turns her obstacles into opportunities.  Grab a pen and paper and get ready to get some great business advice from Stephanie Nickolich, up next on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


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