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We might all agree that when we think of "BIG" Hospital Chains, we think of specialists, doctors, nurses, and receiving the kind of care that saves lives and gets us up and moving again if we've been admitted to the hospital.

It might be safe to say that we rarely think about how employees interact with others in a culturally appropriate manner, but creating Cultural Competency is my next guests prime mission. Her name is Candi Castleberry Singleton and she launched the UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion. Her recent efforts include the Dignity & Respect Campaign, now a national initiative, and founded on 30 tips that remind us to be mindful of how we treat others. Candi’s list of firsts and success at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is long and impressive.


Candi has spun her approach to coaching senior executives, business owners, and community leaders on ways to help them build sustainable inclusion practices for the work and market place. She is a very busy international speaker, teacher, mentor and I caught her at home to talk over tea about how to build dignity and respect in the workplace and in your business environment up next on Hustle and Heart TV on Hustle & Heart TV with Darieth



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I just love watching people accomplish what they set out to achieve. There’s nothing better than telling someone you are going to do something and then having them hold you accountable. I’ve watched my next guest, Chuck Sanders go from Professional Football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers to party and entertainment promoter, to now a mega success in the mortgage services industry and owner of an upscale restaurant, Savoy.  

Chuck's company, Urban Lending Solutions offers a wide variety of outsourced services to his clients, including mortgage fulfillment services, home retention solutions, appraisal titles, settlement services, and call center operations. If you are in the real estate and mortgage industry this next episode of Hustle and Heart TV with Chuck Sanders is jam packed just for you.


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When you grow up the son of a famed Pittsburgh Pirate baseball legend, bare his name and follow closely in your dad’s footsteps…it’s no doubt there’s pressure to perform and continue a legacy. While that is the case for Roberto Clemente Jr. what’s important for him these days, in addition to continuing his dad’s humanitarian efforts worldwide, is scoring big in the field of brain science and technology. 

Roberto’s passionate about baseball, kids, business development and helping others and he’s tying these essentials together by helping to launch RC21X, a brain health game and performance measurement system. For those of you in the fields of science and technology and the business behind it…or just a Roberto Clemente fan…take note, Roberto Clemente Jr. is up next on Hustle and Heart TV with Darieth


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I enjoy bringing you intimate interviews with successful entrepreneurs, the latest strategies and tools to help you market your business off and online, motivational stories to help encourage you on your journey to making more money, getting to the top and succeeding at all you do.

This show is really built around 4 pillars: Leadership, Leverage, Lifestyle and loving your journey. Within the framework of those topics I look for guests who are excelling in one or all those areas.

I especially like showcasing up and coming rock stars in business, community, philanthropy and mindset mastery.

So on this edition of Hustle & Heart TV you’re going to meet an enterprising public administration leader with over a decade of professional experience, including a broad background in both the government and non-profit sectors. Her name is Sabrina Saunders. 

She was recently named The Pittsburgh Executive Director for Strong Women, Strong Girls. She’s responsible for the strategic development, management, and enhancement of Pittsburgh operations, as well as generating financial and community resources to support the mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls.

Sabrina is an emerging community leader…who almost took a different path in life. Her story is both encouraging and heartwarming as she puts “service to young girls and women, her number one business priority.

Sabrina Saunders….now on Hustle and Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm.


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In the restaurant business, planning to open or operate one, looking to open another one or several more? Grab pen and paper you’ll want take notes from my next guest. If you live or work in Pittsburgh you may have dined at one of his restaurants, Atria’s, Juniper Grill or Ditka’s. They are just part of Pat McDonnell’s growing empire of restaurants and business. 

Even if you are outside of Pittsburgh and you’ve visited a Chi Chi’s restaurant, then you’ve felt his influence, Pat helped to roll out 80 of those Mexican favorites in the past. Today he’s busy working on ways to carve out a better experience for his diners, while eating away at his competition. On this episode, you’ll find Pat dishes on the financing and money management in the restaurant industry and why staying away from cheesy gimmicks is the best way to bring in the dough.


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Are you looking for new ways to enhance your business? Are trying to figure out how your small business idols are currently living the dream you want to be your reality? LaShanda Henry is a power house online and she believes the success of your business depends on the company you keep, which is why I'm inviting you inside her SistaSense Power Circle for the 3rd annual Back to Business webinar conference,

LaShanda is truly on a mission to use technology as a tool to affect positive change online and at home. Web Designer and Founder of 15+ Websites for People of Color, LaShanda helps people make sense of making money online.

As both a web designer and internet marketing coach, LaShanda Henry has been featured in magazines such as Essence, Ebony, The Network Journal, and

As a blogger she has worked with brands including Disney, General Mills, TNT, Walmart, and many others. LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years. She owns over 15 web properties and is most passionate about two things: creating positive websites for people of color and helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build successful businesses online.

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Educators, school teachers, administrators and parents get a fresh approach to your school day after watching this new episode of Hustle & Heart TV. You'll meet Rob Furman and learn about three types of leadership: Institutional, participatory and virtual and you'll be moved by his caring approach to eduction and technology.


In his 8th year as principal at South Park Elementary, Rob has served as an educator for 17 years and a principal for a total of 11 years. Rob is a columnist for the Huffington Post and often referred to as a pioneer in virtual learning environments. He is the author of Instructional Technology Tools: A Professional Development Plan and Motivating the Reluctant Reader Through Technology. Rob's research interests include parental self-efficacy in student academic achievement and the use of technology to increase administrative efficiency and to help reluctant readers.

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Brand identity, graphic design, social media and MAGIC. Yes, it seems it does take a bit of magic and even sometimes a miracle to market yourself and your business. Instead of pulling your hair out or a pulling a rabbit out of a'd like to be pulling in customers and racking in more money. Stop pulling and start pushing out more customer service and value to those you serve.

Meet Collin Stover an incredibly talented young man who is merging his passions of magic, service, value and  entrepreneurship all under one hat. Presto, he's now living his dreams and on this next episode of Hustle & Heart TV we explore the business of magic and how to make a living as a magician and a mentalist.

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Have you ever felt the urge to just quit your job and nose dive right into a new business or new profession?

No fears, no worries, no doubts, all ready to go, until things don’t quite turn out the way you imagine.

Ray Higdon, millionaire, top money earner in network marketing , author and motivational speaker knows all to well the passions, perils and pitfalls of following your dreams.

In 2004 Ray quit his job in information technology, jumped into the real estate industry. Made some money, only to be slammed in the economy downfall 

In 2008, and lost everything. All the rental properties, all the cash he saved, a long-term relationship and worse his self-worth...all gone.

But then a friend introduced him to network marketing and things turned around quickly.

In addition he’s:

Won 11 paid vacations

(8 from my network marketing company)

Has had product launches with sales of over $850,000

Averages over 2 million hits a month to his blog

Won a BMW 7 Series ($100,000 car)

Became the #1 earner in his network marketing company


How did he do it? Watch or Listen to Hustle & Heart TV

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Part of my desire to do a show like Hustle & Heart TV was to expose people to a caliber of individuals who could share mindset and mastery in the fields of business, leadership, personal development and success management. In life sometimes you meet people who can do all of these things but then effectively engage with others and inspire them to grow and expand and become better leaders themselves. Sam Deep is one of those people. I had the opportunity to see Sam in action years ago and have followed him loosely through social media. 

Then a few months back we ended up on an airplane together and as fate has it…I was endeared again by his passion and commitment to the excellence of others. I knew then our paths would cross in the future and here I am today featuring him as one of my guests on the show. Who’s Sam Deep? Sam has spoken in front of over 150,000 people; his internationally published books have sold over one million copies. When you meet Sam you’ll discover why none other than Tom Peters says that you and your teams will come away “with practical ways to implement positive change in the gut level day-to-day experience. Sam tells us what makes an awesome leader.

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